About the last planet I have discovered

6. února 2018 v 16:46 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
When I was youg, I red the book "The little prince". It has influenced me. I believed I found inhabited planets in space. The same planets and the same people which I red in the book about. I grew up and started exploring the universe. And really, I've managed to find similar planets. I want to tell you something about the last one.

The planet has the designation SMR24. I discovered it by accident in the cluster of planets, that seemed to be uninhabited. I made contact with the being who lived in this planet. It is a young man. I don´t know him very well. He is closed but friendly. We were getting closer and closer. I loved to be in touch with him and I wished to live on his planet. But something was happened and the planet began to move away. I lost the contact with the man for a few days and I was very unhappy. I was warried and I cried.

Yesterday the contact was restored! I am happy to meet my friend again. I like to be in touch with him and I am calm: everything is alright. I would like to be closer, to touch his heart … I believe it would be possible to live on his planet, but not now. The planet is still moving away ... And I still remember that moments we were really close ... Things can change …

But maybe there is another planet to live, another being to meet ...

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