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"Great things happen every day!"

Recently I wrote an article to my Czech blog. I tried to find great things that happened to me this year and I succeeded. These days are a little bit hard for me, so I have decided to face the challenge again! Will I find 29 great thing that happened to me this month? I sat down to my notebook, took my diary and started to write everything that made my days happier:
  1. meeting with Jorge
  2. praise from my boss
  3. praise from my colleague
  4. funny evening with Catherine (we played King´s cup in a pub)
  5. help from my friend Mirka
  6. funny evening with Damir
  7. meeting with Samir after a long time
  8. great Adam´s birthday celebration
  9. my bartender´s last shift
  10. successful training in Prague
  11. successful training in Brno
  12. cheerful English lesson
  13. gold advice from my classmate Irena
  14. party with my classmates
  15. good article to my blog
  16. solving a technical problem
  17. romantic chatting
  18. new friend from pub quiz
  19. new friend from Kentaur bar
  20. meeting with Jacob
  21. billiard with Peter and Hanka
  22. many hugs
  23. my first dill sauce
  24. nice invitation
  25. surprise from my friend
  26. help a friend
  27. hope
  28. new book in my bookcase
  29. karaoke evening in Kentaur bar

I am a lucky man! I have found some great event for each day of this month! Will you follow me? Do it and write me about it. I believe you will succeed as well! Good luck!

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