How can we understand each other?!?

14. března 2018 v 13:39 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
Every day we can encounter situation when somebody tells us something, but means something else. Sometimes it is clear, sometimes it is confusing. Here are several examples from my life:

  • "I am going through your street." (I would like to see you!)
  • "I am going through your street." (Let us go to the pub!)
  • "You are handsome." (I want to f*ck you.)
  • "You are handsome." (I love you.)
  • "Are you OK?" (I would like to help you.)
  • "Are you OK?" (You are in a bad mood again.)
  • "Hug and kisses." (I like you and want to be with you.)
  • "Hug and kisses." (I need sex!)
  • "Here is a gift for you." (I care about you.)
  • "Here is a gift for you." (I do not want to be your debtor.)
  • "I like you." (Sex?)
  • "I like you." (Hug and kiss?)
  • "I like you." (You are a good guy.)
  • ("When will we meet again?") - "I will let you know." (Never!)
  • ("When will we meet again?") - "I will let you know." (I do not know.)
  • "Let´s go to the pub!" (I like to be with you!)
  • "Let´s go to the pub!" (I am bored.)

I never know what is behind the words I hear. I still hesitate about the meaning. And I have to think about what the other people want to tell me. I ask them, I try to understand … but sometimes it is exhausting! How true are the words in the Bible (Matthew 5:37): "Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No.' Anything more comes from the evil one."

So, how can we understand each other? What can we do for understanding? That is a question! István Örkény has written a great story about it, its title is: "Many times we can understand each other even in the most complicated matters, but sometimes it happens that in the pretty simple metters we do not understand at all." (One of his "Minute grotesques"). I think we need to talk more, we need to ask questions, we need to search for right answers. If we want, we will find them. The other possibility is to be honest and outspoken. We should always say what we think.

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