Limericks (homework from my English lesson)

11. dubna 2018 v 7:46 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
There was an old man whose love choice
was leading by his sad heart´s voice
he felt so alone
so left his bad zone
and secretly bought a rolce royce.

There was a young boy on a date
Who was an extraordinary mate
But I´ve to complain
´cause he went to Spain
and till these days I have to wait.

There was a young fellow from Spain
Who completely confused my brain
"Hug me" he said
and jumped to his bed
bud there were a whip and a chain!

There was a young man with no fear
who asked me: "Man, is that a tear?"
I looked in his eyes
and shocked by their size
I had to drink one or two beer!

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