My angels

23. dubna 2018 v 13:32 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
Last year I was not succesful in love. But I lived through some nice stories. They did not have a good end, but they brought me beautiful moments. For these moments I have a special place in my mind. Occasionally I visit the place and remember the people, the situations, the words and the feelings … In this place there are also my best friends. I have found out an intreresting thing: in this place there are my angels! How is it possible? Why are they my angels?

Imagine a situation: you are falling in love. And there are only two ways how it can end. You will fall down or you will fly! But for flying you need wings. And the only one who can give you the wings is the person you love. Without his love it is impossible to fly. That is why people who love you become angels.

What happens if you do not have wings? You fall down. Sometimes you manage it yourself, sometimes you do not. This is the moment when your best friends come and help you. They encourage you to get up. They hear you out and understand why are you crying. They give you desire to fly again and courage to fall in love anew. They become your angel.

Let me introduce you some of my angels: Mirka (she is the best in advice), Nela (she is the best in hearing out), Petr (he is the best in encouragement), Honza (he is the best in hugging), Damir (he can make me laugh) and Jorge (he is sensitive and the best in calming). My friend Juraj said me that I have three Guardian angels. But I know I have them more! Thank you for everything, my angels.

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