Succes and failure

26. dubna 2018 v 14:02 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
Wednesday evening, five people are comming to the Immigrant pub. The 6th is late. In their eyes there are resolution and fear. Let mi introduce you our team: Markéta, our English teacher, Iri, Lenka, Michal (English students) and Damir (a clever guy from Bosnia). Struhátko is still looking for the Immigrant pub. Damir is surprised by Czech habits (standing in the rain), we are surprised by Bosnian names (Tvrdko and Tvrdka). The name of our team is Ghoti. For the English students the word GHOTI is the very first opportunity to teach somenting the English teacher. Three beers, one cider and one mineral water and the first round of the quiz is here.

In the beginning we are asked about somebody, who has two brothers. The "Somebody" is here, his brothers are God knows where. We try to gues his and his brothers age, it is not easy. The next task is easier: to count their ages. Exact sum of inexact numbers can give only another inexact number. Never mind. (So-called) general knowledge. Our team can distinguish a hockey from football, but that is all. We do not care about sports. Damir reveals the truth about the Switzerland and nobody cares about it. After the first round we are neither the first nor the last.

Struhátko has found the pub. Well at last, our team is complete. The second round make me think about ABBA: "Thank you for the music!" We are quite successful in film music and we try to confuse the rival teams … with no succes. Some man tries to persuade the quiz presenter that he can sing. It is his try to score one more point, but he can not remeber words of the song he want to sing. No succes and a lot of happiness in our team. The English trivia is a little bit difficult theme. To be inattentive in English lessons does not pay. You can not know the number of sheep in New Zealand. Our guess was true 30 years ago.

Numbers. There is something wrong in statistics or the presenter do not understand them. You can drive a car hundreds of years without accident! Unbelievable. The other questions relate to drinking beer, gifted children, the Hawaiian alphabet and nor accountant Iri can not help us. Damir reveals the truth about the Hawaiian alphabet and nobody cares about it. The result is … zero points! Our last hope is the theme aout Geography. Damir is pretty good in Geography. Some of us are surprised by the existence of some states. Some of us do not understand how to write the answer to the form. Iri draws some pictures to our form, but nothing can help us. We are the last.

Six people leave the Immigrant pub. In their eyes there are resolution and joy. We made it! We are able to take part in English Pub quiz! And next time … You will see!

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