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If you organize an English club for practicing your spoken English, you have to count impacts in! In my case it was a homework: write a short article about your plans for holiday. OK, it is easy, because … I will be working … but is is a really short article, I think. So let me dream a little … and I promise I will use many new words I have learnt during our English club. So that you can recognize them, I will highlight them.

Instead of working, I´d rather be in Costa del Azahar! There are three reasons for it. Here are the three key words: spell, smell and shell: the arabic word "Azahar" sounds like a spell! Powerful spell, that can bring me everything. But the meaning of this word is "orange and lemon flowers". And if you know how beautiful their smell is, you understand the second key word. And if I go to Costa del Azahar, I will eat many shells, fish and other seafood. And I am sure, I will taste tapas, paella and Spanish sweets as well. I´d better visit a lot of historical places and monuments, but sometimes I can be quite lazy man. I will be lying like a wallaby and gazing upon people around me (with my not much slender legs on a bench) smelling the orange flowers and eating seafood, dreaming about cute animals which are nuzzling my hands.

There are other possibilities. Isn´t it romantic to pee and see the stars with Jorge? Or to pee and wave off mosquitoes with Honza? Or to take photographs of manhole covers in Barcelona with Iri? Or to spend beautiful time on a really hot day with Jitka, to eat a lot of chocolate and let it melt in my bed, to eat a lot of pasta and then to sing a song, to fly to America to see overdosed Pablo EscoBear … Everything is better than working all the time.

But I have a plan how to make my holiday more beautiful! I will meet my friends, I will go to pub quizes, I will organize meetings of our English club and … I will try to find the 16th way how to … be the happiest man in Brno. If I succeed, it will exceed all my expectations. Can you imagine my gratitude to my fortune? And it will linger for a long long time.

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