Jurassic horror

23. června 2018 v 11:36 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
I had not been to cinema for ages but yesterday I went to watch the film Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom. For me it was 5D experience but it was a really horrible film:
  • The jurassic monsters eat people and submarines.
  • The jurassic animals are dangerous but Claire wants to save them.
  • The main characters can hold 5 minutes under water!
  • Owen (not OVEN) runs faster then the animals and lava can not burn him.
  • Some people are stronger then the jurassic animals.
  • The first bear appears. It is yellow!
  • Sleeping T-Rex heavy like several tanks can not hurt Oven (sorry, Owen).
  • Claire hits the vein of T-Rex … Of course, formerly she helped in hospital! And the blood transfusion is really necessary, because Blue is a good character even though she is a velociraptor.
  • I like Geraldine Chaplin with her English accent.
  • The first earthworm appears and it is bicolour!
  • I smell the parfume of my neighbour and I like it.
  • The house where Maisie lives is bigger than you think!
  • Many bears and earthworms appear! I like gummy sweets!
  • Maisie likes climbing roofs and taking an elevator.
  • The jurassic monsters can break the walls but they can not break a frail door of the Maisie favourite elevator.
  • Indomin (a velociraptor) is heavy and big, his weight destroys iron scales, but it does not destroy neither a glass roof nor a wooden scales. He is defeated by Blue and by a dead monster.
  • The monster cages are full of hydogen cyanide but their residents survive!
  • Maisie is made by their grandfather. Maybe. Nobody cares about it. Nor her.
  • Somebody is touching me. When you are wathing a bad film, it is important to have a friendly neighbour.
  • Finally Claire find out that the jurassic animals are dangerous. The person who save them is Maisie. Fortunately. The monsters eat up the rest of evil characters.
If you want to survive this film and have a 5D experience have a touching neighbour with a good parfume and take some gummy sweets. It could be an inspiration for film makers … I can see it clearly: "Jurassic park: The last episode. Coming soon! In this episode people on our planet will be saved thanks to gummy bears! Come and see the power of jelly!" I hope you will enjoy it.

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