My troubles after an English lesson

18. června 2018 v 19:26 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
Today I was cooking a dinner. My blender broke and I couldn´t finish cooking because there were a lot of blender components in the meal. I had to throw them away - the meal and the blender. Several days ago I had some troubles too. Here is my article about it.

Thursday and our last English lesson, then ILC party … This coincidence should bring a lot of happiness. But it brings only troubles:
  • The 1st: Results of our test. I have 96 % and I become a swot. It seems I will need braces and glasses. Then my classemates will give me a beating. It is a promise they say … but I can see a smile on their faces …
  • The 2nd: I hug Lenka. Iri is angry with me, because I do not hug her. So I hug Iri. But Ladík is angry with me, because I do not hug him. Then I am hugging everybody.
  • The 3rd: I try to translate what Lenka says. It is a tough nut to crack. Something like in the film quote with cherries and sour cherries. The Czechs know what I am talking about. Nothing can help me, nobody understands me.
  • The 4th: I am not able to draw a beer. Still just foam! I am sure that there are two barrels under our table. One with beer and one with foam. As far as the volume of the beer we have drunk, it is not possible to keep whole numbers.
  • The 5th: I really want to know what is the meaning of the push buttons on the table. Here is my solution: use the 1st to call a waiter; use the 2nd if you want to play cards; use the 3rd when you want to escape without paying! Isn´t it strange?!?
  • The 6th: I am looking for the English equivalent of the Czech word "prů*er" (something like "trouble" … but a little bit rude). My translator says: "crossing" … I can´t believe it!
  • The 7th: Markéta and Iri explain to Damir how to use a universal ticket in a tram. They explain it even in Czech! I don´t uderstand it at all!
The only successful person is Lenka. She speaks only Czech, but everybody understands her, including Damir and Mark, a teacher from England. The truth is that she speaks slowly and pronounces every word clearly.

Despite all these troubles it was an amazing evening. Thanks to my classmates and my English teachers: Markéta, Soňa, Iri, Lenka, Ladík and Damir.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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