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2. srpna 2018 v 13:28 | Michal Novotný |  Articles in English
We are four classmates from ILC language school. We have finished a pre-intermediate course. As we want to practice our spoken English, we meet every Tuesday in Kentaur bar and we invite interesting people: English teachers, an American, a Greek, a Spaniard, a Bosnian, a Slovak … Maybe it is incredible, but most of the time we really speak English (and sometimes German, Spanish, Bosnian, French and Czech as well). Thanks to our guests, we not only practice English, but also learn new things:
  • how to use expressions "I´d rather do" an "I´d better do";
  • what we should do at least once in our life (relationship at work);
  • what is the first sentence that the Spanish learn in their Czech lessons (Oči, p**o! … not very polite … really rude, but it seems Czech teachers think it is useful);
  • how to play bat tennis and bat squash in a living room (you need to play backhand);
  • what are new medical methods that can reduce amount of human fat (the methods will kill you but you will die slim);
  • what have the words jam and tampon in common (it is a linguistic question);
  • which Czech word sounds Spanish (koryto);
  • what to look at when you are touching glasses with an American (anywhere but not into one's eyes);
  • what are the differences between a prostitute and a pole dancer (pliancy);
  • how Columbus became a pigeon (his vowel changed);
  • how not to say "I do not understand" in German (Ich Stehe nicht Ver);
  • what Iri did with Samir in his car and why she was afraid (I think it was an acceptable version for her husband);
  • why is it useful to go abroad (meet men);
  • who always makes us talk about sex (Michal … but I do not agree);
  • who is Baba Yaga (a landlady);
  • what caused an unexisting sausage (an invitation);
  • which bar in Brno is the best and why (Kentaur bar and barbershop of course! Its staff is friendly, barbers are excellent, rums are delicious, beer is cold and bearded men are handsome!)
We do not avoid sophisticated themes as politics (who is mad and who is a thief), art (which painter seduced young girls), monuments in Brno (the penis in náměstí Svobody is a cartridge … but the Spaniards do not believe it … nobody believes it) etc. In short, our English clubs are edifying and funny, we learn new stuff about the world, get new experiences and friends … and we'd be happy if you'd join us!

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